On Wednesday 19 November 2003 02:52 pm, Greg Meyer wrote:

> I only load the it87.  The lm75 driver may be causing your problem, there
> isn;t one on that board.  Also, on the Soyo, I only got accurate readings
> by specifying a socket type when modprobing the driver.  the differnet
> types are in the docs, but I figured out the Soyo is type 38.  The voltages
> are a little messy too.  This can be fixed by making a few changes to the
> sensors.conf file, but I haven't taken the time to figure out the
> adjustments and do it.  Here are the relevant lines that I added to my
> rc.local file.

Thanks very much for the info Greg.  That must have been it.  I removed the 
lm75 module and now it is starting and stopping fine.  Also, I moved the 
i2c-proc module startup to the actual /etc/modules file so that it is started 
automatically at bootup.  That appears to be much better for the script 
startup method and whether it helps or not, seems to be a little more 

I also added an options line in /etc/modules.conf for the it87 temp_type=0x38 
option.  I will check later to see how accurate the temps are.

Again, thanks much for the info, it has probably saved me from a few more hard 

Bryan Phinney
Software Test Engineer

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