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> > >  -- the TM school in India was not 
> > > > singled out by Indian authorities.>>
> > > 
> > > I know that. 
> > > You singled the TM movement out by saying that the 'principal' 
> > > (Bevan) should have been arrested. It is a stupid thing to say, 
> and 
> > > prejudiced against TMO. You would not ask for that of any other 
> > head 
> > > of any school in the US. It was a faulty comment and you should 
> and 
> > > admit it, and move on.
> > > 
> > 
> > ********
> > 
> > I've worked at schools in LA where there were armed cops on 
> > and a host of measures to keep violence down. If a murder happens 
> in 
> > that environment, I would not advocate a principal being 
> > school officals are almost always doing as much as they can in an 
> > ugly and litigious setting. It was different at MUM when that 
> student 
> > was murdered -- school mgmt had an opportunity to isolate the 
> student 
> > after his first act of violence that day, a stabbing, >>

> More exaggeration. He was scratched badly with a pen. You turn it 
> stabbing , which anyone else reading this would think it was a 
> to the stomache.

MUM was putting the guy on a plane home the next morning, so MUM 
officials were clearly aware that the guy was a danger to others 
(this so-called scratch required medical care -- stitches), and 
intended to get rid of him as soon as possible. However, given the 
muddled thinking of TM management, this did not extend to actually 
keeping other MUM students out of harm's way until they could put Sem 
on the plane.

> <<<Normally in 
> > the USA, school officials who are guilty of negligence are sued 
> > civil courts >>>

> This is not LA. This is not a high school. you are mixing up 
> different things for your agenda. Your right, there may have been 
> negligence, but I think they learned their lesson don't you?
> There are thousands of such instances which are let go because 
> mature people don't really want to pursue something that was 
> obviously an innocent lapse. Now you are calling the India school 
> situation a 'murder' when it was reported in the paper as 
> an 'accident' When do you stop exaggerating?

Within a month after I started working at MIU in December of 1974, a 
guy named Joe Lambert ran through the plate glass window next to the 
entrance door of the dining hall, and he was sent to the mental 
hospital in Mt. Pleasant, where many MIU/MUM students have ended up. 

MIU officials have never learned any lessons from their extensive 
experience with loony students, staff, and faculty (like the Dutch 
M.D. on MIU faculty who was composting his own excreta in his dorm 
room -- when Bedinger came to toss him out after the fragrance became 
too compelling, Dr. Nuts went out the window wearing a tinfoil hat 
and ended up in a Des Moines psych ward). 

In what way would a kid grabbing another kid by the neck and whacking 
him, causing a fatal injury, be an "accident?" Maybe in your 
dimension, off-world...

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