Humbolt-Question: "Um, Maharishi you say within 5 to 8 years, one that
practices TM regularly would become Cosmically Conscious...Ah, I don't
know if that's,...ah specific time".

Answer by MMY on mp3:  "That has been the experience of hundreds of
people around the world............(laughter) that has been the
experience, the experience, even though it's not, it's not principally
right to a lot some fixed time for Cosmic Consciousness. Principally
it's not right, but, that has been the, the common experience around
the World."

Fast forward to Fuiggi, Italy auditorium, MMY "You could meditate a
million years and not reach CC unless you come to these courses"! 
Heard by myself.

And later Charlie Lutes recounting some stories of MMY, he asks MMY,
"MMY some people are thinking they're going to reach TM in 5-to-8

Answer according to Charlie-"Let them think that, at least they will
meditate that long". 

Hey, for what it's worth...:-) I still enjoy TM regularly, but I must
confess after 40 years I'm still no where close, Ha, Ha!

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