again I profess ignorance - I am not familiar with Rama nor Barry's association 
with him

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> I am curious however to know if that other teacher did 
> take the suitcase across borders? 
> I think if it had been me, I would have done it and 
> taken out about a third for my efforts
It's all a matter of positionng - you positioned yourself 
close to MMY so you be a money courier; Barry positioned 
himslef close to MMY so he could be the MMY door-boy and
collect the donations. LoL!

Not sure why you and Barry would think meeting MMY in
person would make him understand the mechanics of
consciousness any better.

You must have been thnking that the closer you get to 
MMY, the easier to steal movement money. It's sort of 
like Barry and the Rama guy - and the more money Barry 
gave to Rama, the more times he could get to sit at 
Lenz's feet and learn how to get money from poor students 
for instant enlightenment. Go figure.

"The more you give, the more people we can help," Lenz 
says piously on a tape. "It's that simple."


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