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> > Technically we TM'ers have a lot more in common with 
> > transformational millenarian Maoists or the Twelve 
> > Tribes or Dancing Rabbit movements bringing revolutionary 
> > 'heavens on earth' than <> millennial 'return of Jesus' 
> > evangelical Christians.  
> Which ones of the three movements you mention believe
> that by bouncing up and down on their asses on slabs
> of foam they're affecting the whole planet? At least 
> the Jesus freaks are just waiting for someone who'll 
> never arrive. That makes them relatively sane compared 
> to the butt-bouncing thing.  :-)

We have more science on our side.  The other day as I drove the Twelve Tribes 
guys back to Missouri I was thinking we should get together and both pray and 
meditate.  They pray and we meditate towards a better end on earth.  Twelve 
Tribes don't like denominational Christians and Mainline Christians don't like 
either of us.  Dancing Rabbits are a bunch of atheist keeping religion at arms 
length from coming in.  But I think they would like our true secular 
spirituality of the Unified Field and Natural Law.  We should all get along as 
-Buck in the Dome

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