WTF?....LOL....(to channel the traveling RC - same initials as RC - this must 
be a sign).  

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>Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Cyberstalker Trainees (Turq's Occult Theory Of 
>What Motivates Cyberstalkers)
>You must know how hurtful is was for you to neglect to
>include me on your list, you of all people know how hard I've worked to be
>close to you; it was a bit of a challenge for me, but I gave it shot, and it
>appears 89% of my posts have been about you (unfortunately, I tried the same
>search with Robin and hit 96%); in any event, with your help, I'm going to work
>harder in 2013 to be the kind of person you think I am.
>From: turquoiseb>
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>Subject: [FairfieldLife] Cyberstalker Trainees (Turq's Occult Theory Of What 
>Motivates Cyberstalkers)
>--- In, turquoiseb  wrote:
>> --- In, "salyavin808"  wrote:
>> >
>> > I can remember when you [Judy] used to work out what time 
>> > Barry made his first post of the day, you'd then triumphantly 
>> > post this fact as though it proved some point. Dead creepy 
>> > behaviour, kind of worrying you don't have the self-awareness 
>> > to realise it. Maybe Carol shouldn't take your analyses at 
>> > face value?
>> Hmmmmmmm...besides the tracking of what time I get up
>> in the morning, what *else* might indicate that Judy is
>> a...uh...bit of a cyberstalker?
>> Let's see...
>> Oh, I've got it. In her 7.7 years on Fairfield Life, 
>> Judy has made around 22,600 posts, an average of over
>> eight posts a day. 
>> Of those posts, the number that contain either "Barry"
>> OR "Turq" OR "TurquoiseB," meaning that she was either
>> talking about me or replying to something I posted or
>> replying to something that someone else posted about 
>> me was 7,626 posts. 
>> That means that she's spent 33.74% of her entire history
>> of posts on FFL obsessing about me. 
>> Nope...certainly no evidence of stalking there, eh?  :-)
>Speaking of Fun With Statistics :-), here are some 
>about a few of Judy's "trainees" in her ongoing course, 
>called How To Become An Obsessed Cyberstalker. 
>So far, Jim (doctordumbass) is winning, but Ann is 
>a close second. The first number is the total number 
>of posts they've made to FFL, at least under their
>current ID. The second is the number of those posts 
>that contain "Barry" OR "Turq" OR "TurquoiseB." The 
>third number is the percentage of their overall posts 
>that seem a tad...uh...obsessed (or at the very least
>overfocused) on Barry, just as their trainer intended 
>them to be:
>Jim -- 330 posts / 181 mention me -- 54.8%
>Ann -- 1172 posts / 586 mention me -- 50%
>Ravi -- 2276 posts / 907 mention me -- 39.8%
>Emily -- 1805 posts / 683 mention me -- 37.8%
>Raunchy -- 3847 posts  / 909 mention me -- 23.6%

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