Barry2 FF is too inexpensive to be considered a New Age town (-:  
It's true we don't have California weather but we do have 4 seasons, 2 of which 
are sublime.
What is this magical Fry's?  Fry's Food or Fry's Electronics?  Or both?  

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Fairfield doesn't have a Frys. Nor California weather.  If I wanted to 
live in a New Age town Sonoma is just about 40 miles away.  But it 
doesn't have a Fry's either. :-D

On 01/15/2013 02:09 PM, Share Long wrote:
> There's a trailer park on the north end of MUM campus.  All east facing (-:
> Pool across the street to the west.  Loop trail across the street to the east.
> Great health food store and restaurant 1/2 to 2 blocks away depending on 
> where your trailer is.
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> If I had followed my intuition a little better back in 2006 I should
> have flipped this house and made killing. But the I would have needed
> the intuition to rent for a couple years then buy something cash. You're
> lucky that your business if working okay for you. For some of us old
> farts it's going to be more difficult. I have some excellent experience
> but it not welcome at the kiddie sandboxes. One recruiter sent me a link
> to a company who needs some work done but it really is a sandbox and I
> don't think "grandpa" will fit in. So I think maybe I ought to get my
> equity out of this place as Bay Area housing prices climb (they are
> right now) and go be trailer trash. :-D
> On 01/15/2013 10:35 AM, wrote:
>> Exactly - wait til the equity builds up, and get right back into hock - sort 
>> of a personal equivalent to the leveraged equities and junk bond market. 
>> Fortunately when I was learning about real estate in the 80's, second 
>> mortgages, aka home equity loans, were frowned on.
>> Yep, a thirty year loan at 6 percent for about 300K, costs about 2 million, 
>> if paid off on schedule. I always tried to keep the term as short as 
>> possible.
>> --- In, Bhairitu  wrote:
>>> How many times did you refinance? :-D
>>> I'm on my third mortgage but the payment is what I would pay for rent on
>>> a two bedroom apartment and that includes insurance and taxes. Of course
>>> if things get REALLY GOOD I might be able to pay it off, no penalty.
>>> Technically over the last 12 years I paid off the principal. These
>>> mortgage loans are a sham and scam. I hate banks.
>>> We can slash some programs but their not the ones that the Republicans
>>> want slashed. We don't need to be an empire so defense can be cut way,
>>> way back.
>>> On 01/15/2013 07:54 AM, doctordumbass@... wrote:
>>>> I agree the fear of debt is BS. When I purchased my first house, I put 10% 
>>>> down, with an agreement with the bank that I would be in debt for the 
>>>> other 90% for the next 30 years, owing most of the principal for years to 
>>>> come. It works as long as I can continue to find work to make income, to 
>>>> pay the mortgage.
>>>> Those who cynically rally around the debt as some sort of doomsday  
>>>> mechanism, are just throwing in the towel. I would very much like to see a 
>>>> WPA type program in the USA, focused as before on public infrastructure 
>>>> and beautification. Put people back to work on the government dime, today.
>>>> --- In, "raunchydog"  wrote:
>>>>> "If you fix the jobs problem you fix the deficit problem. The reverse is 
>>>>> not true. If you "fix" the deficit you kill jobs." 
>>>>> Obama got elected because Romney didn't care if people ate grass by the 
>>>>> side of the road. It was the GOP's decision to focus on reducing the 
>>>>> deficit, as opposed to fixing unemployment. Republicans only care about 
>>>>> the debt when a Democrat is in power and then they use it as an excuse to 
>>>>> cut the social safety net. When Dubya was in office he cut taxes for the 
>>>>> rich and spent billions on a bloody war in Iraq.  Republicans didn't care 
>>>>> about the debt during Dubya's presidency. Or Poppy's. Or Reagan's. And it 
>>>>> was always pretty clear that Romney didn't care about the deficit except 
>>>>> insofar as he could use it as an excuse to destroy entitlements.
>>>>> Krugman: Campaign against this austerity obsession...when somebody says, 
>>>>> `Well, we need to slash here, we need to slash there.' That's actually 
>>>>> going to hurt the economy...This is the same kind of animal that we 
>>>>> confronted in the '30s. This is depression economics. And the nature of 
>>>>> the solution is not really very different now from what it was 
>>>>> then...Depression economics is when the normal things you do to boost the 
>>>>> economy, have the Federal Reserve cut interest rates a little bit, are no 
>>>>> longer available or effective. It's a situation where the normal rules of 
>>>>> what you– of economic policy, have to be put on hold, and you really need 
>>>>> to do extraordinary stuff." 
>>>>> --- In, "Richard J. Williams"  wrote:
>>>>>> wgm4u:
>>>>>>> When are you folks going to wake up, this president
>>>>>>> is out of control! He's going to crash the economy!!
>>>>>> We are screwed for at least the next four years.
>>>>>> It would take at least ten years for the U.S.
>>>>>> economy to improve substantially if we voted
>>>>>> the Dems out of office in the next election.
>>>>>> Obama is going to spend your money and redistribute
>>>>>> it; then he is going after your guns; Hagel will
>>>>>> disarm the U.S. military. Brennan will 'waterboard'
>>>>>> some and others will  be sent to Gitmo.
>>>>>>> How much more debt can we take?
>>>>>> Some Americans are already on Obama's target list
>>>>>> to be killed by drones. Extrajudicial killings,
>>>>>> including children, will be the norm soon.
>>>>>> 'Anwar al-Awlaki's Son, Killed By Drone Strike'
>>>>>> "You bourgeoisie tremble! You are screwed!"
>>>>>> 'New Russian nuclear submarine enters service'
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