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> of course, as I understand it, many woman like the veil.  on the other hand I 
> am sure they would like to be able to drive, and vote and do some of the 
> other things they are prevented from.

Sure. But in India women are driving and voting, there are still societal rules 
which are very restrictive, I am not defending them of course. But don't forget 
that India had women as PM's before many western societies had. For example did 
the US ever have a female president?

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> > > Think Arab countries. The women there were in this position,
> > > of having no viable life unless they managed to attract a 
> > > man. And what did they have to *work* with, when attempting
> > > to do this? About ten square inches around their eyes. 
> > 
> > I don't know about Arab counties, but many Muslim girls in India wear a 
> > veil too. And right, you see only the eyes, but the eyes are actually one 
> > of the most attractive parts of a human being. And yes, they do work with 
> > them, they can give you glances and be flirtatious even. 
> > 
> > Also. at least in India, almost all marriages are arranged, that is to say, 
> > they don't have to attract a partner, and most of the arab girls are 
> > married at a very young age. They will carry the veil only in public, on 
> > the streets, not at home. A prospective husband only will have to be 
> > invited to the home, and he will see her dressed like any other Indian 
> > girl. Or he will go to a restaurant, she will remove the veil while eating. 
> > I also don't think that they wear it at school. Think of the veil as being 
> > a street dress.
> > 
> > > The rest of them was covered, head to toe, by some kind of
> > > clothing to hide it. It *wasn't* as if they could flaunt a
> > > bountiful pair of bazooms under their burnooses, right? 
> > 
> > Not quite right. I was surprised on one of my earlier trips to India, there 
> > were a few muslim girls, all veiled, running past me very close with their 
> > breast shaking and giggling. I mean, it's not so obvious, but there are 
> > ways. 
> > 
> > I actually like this, I mean the veil, as eyes are the most important part, 
> > and the concentration on the eyes usually makes a woman more beautiful.
> > 
> > > All
> > > they had to work with was their eyes (the rest of their 
> > > faces hidden behind a veil) and their Second Attention. Duh.
> > > It's just a no-brainer as to whether they'd use it. 
> > 
> > Yep.
> >

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