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> Hi,
> I figured out that Let the anonymous ask can feel on the subject, which is a 
> little funny. I have thought about this for a few weeks, but I have not dared 
> to ask anybody. Although this is a well of natural relates to a taboo still 
> such that is difficult to break ..
> I am a professional nurse. A few times I have come across the situation of 
> nursing care, where the patient has received an erection. I understand that 
> this is hopelessly between - and always in such a situation taklannut "no 
> jaahas, let's not anything here" - non-verbal attitude and always has been a 
> feeling that the patient remained uneasy.
> A couple of years ago I went to reiki 1 - the course and I have also studied 
> other energy therapies. Now, to some, I have decided to start the adoption of 
> energy treatments at home. One and a half years from now will graduate 
> acupunkture nurse, so it is a good practice to being a healer shoes in 
> advance.
> So - I'm also regularly riding a young horse that is just the world's best. I 
> have now given it reiki on two occasions, and each time it has received an 
> erection. * cough * - What is it now, then think about ... I guess it is a 
> positive sign, I try to be, without analyzing it too much. It is, however, a 
> young stallion, which has Stam ..
> Now to me then, however, has struck a small panic. What if a male person 
> comes by my office and cases where it is so funny that he had an erection?
> So how in that situation then really to behave ... Or, perhaps more important 
> question is that whether it be that I somehow transmit some sexual energy 
> involuntarily - Would it help, give a grounding before treatment was 
> provided, or something? Or should I  wear a chastity belt just in case?
> Gratefully, I receive answers from more experienced.

If you're dealing with someone trying to hit on you, an exhibitionist, or a 
pervert, it's nothing personal and not anything you caused. The guy is just 
relaxing, and Reiki is especially relaxing. Ignore it and casually place a 
towel or blanket over him. If you choose to acknowledge it, don't make a big 
deal out of it and above all don't assume you're the cause of it, unless he 
indicates otherwise, in which case, clearly state your boundaries. 

Working in a private practice is a whole other situation where clear boundaries 
for yourself of what you will or will not do are absolutely essential. Starting 
out with referrals only or working only with women, who often refer husbands 
and significant others, provides a layer of confidence in your personal safety. 
Screen your patient calls over the phone before setting an appointment. If it 
doesn't feel right, refer them elsewhere. That's the benefit of private 
practice...you can refuse treatment.

I've worked with rehab patients in hospital and in private practice, manual 
therapy, hands-on just about everywhere and rarely does the problem come up 
unless I use a modality that evokes relaxation. A friend once told me she just 
hits it with a fly swatter, joking of course. Sorry, no advice for your 
situation with the horse.

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