UG was good, Jiddu much better - of course both being Telugu Brahmins
remind me of some of my old Uncles in my family - at least the physical
resemblance, the mannerisms - tough, uptight, emotionally cold even -
exteriorly. So I am not a big fan of them but I like their core strengths
because I have those - the ability to completely rely on oneself, learn and
observe from existing traditions and religions but reject anything that's
not your core inner value. They never pretended to be Gurus, avatars,
Divine Mothers, Fathers, creating cults, never caring for anyone's
approval, following - any way I admire both of them, though they are from a
generation whose conservative values I don't identify with.

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> **
> Then so many things happened. There was one man called Sivananda Saraswati
> in those days -- he was the evangelist of Hinduism.
> Between the ages of fourteen and twenty- one (I am skipping many of the
> unnecessary events) I used to go there and meet him very often, and I did
> everything, all the austerities. I was so young, but I was determined to
> find out if there was any such thing as *moksha, *and I wanted that *moksha
> *for myself.
> I wanted to prove to myself and to everybody that there cannot be any
> hypocrisy in such people -- "These are all hypocrites" -- so I practiced
> yoga, I practiced meditation, studied everything.
> I experienced every kind of experience that the books talked about -- *
> samadhi*, super-*samadhi*, *nirvikalpa samadhi*, everything.
> Then I said to myself "Thought can create *any *experience you want --
> bliss, beatitude, ecstasy, melting away into nothingness -- all those
> experiences. So, this can't be the thing, because I'm the same person,
> mechanically doing these things. Meditations have no value for me. This is
> not leading me anywhere."

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