"No thoughts, no mantra" doesn't exclude the TMO.

Aware-ness, like 'space', doesn't exclude any 'thing' within the space.

Like the space we call a room might include a table, candles, flowers, incense 
and anything else we might like to add.



>From : Michael Jackson Sat, 16 Mar 2013 11:40:09 -0700

no thoughts no mantra no TMO 

From: sound of stillness

Subject: [FairfieldLife] Re: Girish Varma accused of sexual harassment - "The 
New Movement" - Buck
It think it was in Stephen Cope's book 'Yoga and the Quest for the True Self' 
that Stephen describes the changes the Kripalu Institute made after it's 
founder, Amrit Desai, was asked to leave.

Who is "the new movement" that you mention?

If in the end, we pass the "Buck" to you, how do you see the new movement 

What's the vision bro?



>From : Buck
> This is really a fabulous opportunity for the new movement to come forward 
> and say,"We are not that!" and put good people in to those facilities with an 
> expectation of good and honorable behavior from the whole movement.  Make it 
> clear.  Make a break from the past.  Even for the guy at the top.
> -Buck

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