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> Fowarded to FFL by a shade I met in a dream:
> "My dear FFLers
> Until my eyes died and gave me all-seeing vision I was unaware 
> of your august journal. But what a shock to my ethereal 
> system! My life's work, what? "Bollocks"? BOLLOCKS? And all 
> neatly classified too: "Religious BOLLOCKS", "Quackery 
> BOLLOCKS", "Pseudoscientific BOLLOCKS" (now there's irony, 
> ed.), and (Lord preserve us) "Paranormal BOLLOCKS". I am
> deeply humbled."
> Poor chap, eh? It seems the deceased was a Professor Archie 
> Roy:

Yeah, poor chap indeed. I'd hate to have spent my entire life
studying daydreams. But I only spent my idle teens doing it so
I got off lightly.

> << A fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and professor of 
> Astronomy at Glasgow University, Roy was the world authority 
> on the mechanics of orbits, on which he carried out research 
> long before computers were capable of doing the work for him. 
> In the 1960s and 1970s he worked as a consultant to Nasa, 
> helping to put the first man on the Moon. He also had an 
> asteroid, 5806 Archie-roy, named in his honour.
> But he became better known among the general public for his 
> research into the spirit world. This began in the 1950s after 
> he lost his way in Glasgow's old university library and found 
> shelves of books on spiritualism and psychical research.

Spiritualism. Chortle. What did he think of ectoplasm?
> "My first ignorant reaction was 'What is this rubbish doing in 
> a university library?'," 

S'funny, that was my first reaction. But many years later and
with a complete lack of any reliable evidence for the paranormal
I tend to side with the 'it's all bollocks' POV. Until some new
evidence comes along that is. Archie never found any. Nor has
anybody else. But my mind is always open. But it's got to be good.
Nabby's youtube polemics don't cut the mustard.

If you want to have a go at convincing us go ahead. Start wherever
you like on the diagram. How about:

Hollow Earth
Moon landing denial
Orgone energy

Shouldn't be too hard as so many books and websites have been 
written about them. In fact these subjects are so well known
that it ought to be a breeze to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Remember, just because a decorated scientist believes paranormal
stuff it don't make it more likely to be true. Look at John Hagelin,
he honestly thinks it's possible to predict the future using tea 
leaves because all subatomic constituents were together during the 
big bang!

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