OK, Bar, here ya go. Sorry it took me so long to get
around to you.

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> > What was her alleged transgression against Judy?
> By the way, this is what is known among Internet
> old timers as a "Hate Setup." It's akin to asking
> a guy wearing a white sheet and a pointy white hat
> what exactly he doesn't like about black people. 
> It's an "invitation to rant." 
> But now that Ann has gotten the ball rolling,

Hee hee. Barry's so agitated he doesn't know whose
post he's commenting on.

> give the person she's feeding setup lines to 

That would be Share, not Ann, and Share is feeding
lines to anyone who will say something nasty about
me (like Barry).

> some
> more fodder for when she Hits The Ground Hating 
> again just after the clock ticks midnight Friday:
> - What was it that Ruth did to piss off Judy so
> much that she drove her away from FFL?

Ooopsie, Barry's got his women confused. Ruth never
drove me off FFL; it was Ruth who left. You'd have
to ask her why.

> - What was Andrew Skolnick's mortal sin that she
> spent *years* stalking him on alt.m.t. and still
> rants about him occasionally on FFL, a decade 
> after he last posted to any TM forum?

Actually, as Barry knows, it was Andrew who stalked
TMers on alt.m.t for years. He was a chronic and *very*
vicious liar. He stalked me specifically (even set up
a Web site about me) because I kept exposing his lies.

As Barry also knows, I *very* rarely mention Andrew
on FFL unless someone else (usually Barry) brings
him up (usually by posting the URL to his anti-Judy
Web site) and tells some lies about what went on
between Andrew and me (including the Really Big Lie
that I contacted Andrew's employer and tried to get
him fired).

> - What did John Knapp do to deserve Judy's never-
> ending hatred?

As Barry knows, John lied a blue streak when he was
on alt.m.t. As he also knows, I don't like liars.
For more documentation, check out the links Carol
provided here awhile back.

> - What exactly does Judy have against Vaj?

As Barry knows, because he's a liar, and I don't
like liars.

> - What made Judy turn on John from Brazil (do.rflex)
> and spend so many posts trying to demonize him?

As Barry knows, I didn't turn on John; John turned on
*me* because I wouldn't join the pro-Obama bandwagon
during the primary campaign for the 2008 election.

> - What is it about Curtis (whom most people like)
> that drives Judy crazy and causes her to devote so
> much time to trying to get other people to hate
> him as much as she does?

Curtis doesn't drive me crazy. I dislike him because
he's dishonest to the core.

> - What was it about Barry that caused Judy to start
> stalking him within days of his first appearance
> on alt.m.t., and to continue doing so -- pretty much
> non-stop -- for over EIGHTEEN YEARS?

Barry has always been the stalker. He alienated me
not too long after I first encountered him on alt.m.t
("days" sort of covers everything, but as I recall
it was a couple of weeks; I also thought he was
there before I was, but I could be wrong about that).

As Barry knows, he and I had had an email conversation
(yes, he wasn't so paranoid back then) about TM
instruction, and he posted to alt.m.t about it,
grossly misrepresenting what each of us had said. That
was my first exposure to his habitual dishonesty,
which has only grown worse over the years.

> There. That should give her something to do while
> sitting on the Post Flood bench. :-)

Very little, actually. Gotta tell better lies than
these if you want to keep me busy exposing them.

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