Here I am in Yet Another Cafe, this time a new one, in 
new 'hood. It caught my eye when I was wandering around
last night, as did the fact that it had free Wifi, so I
decided to come back tonight and spend some time here
at a table in front of it. 

The cafe itself is not terribly crowded, which is a plus
for me, but probably a bummer for the owners. I like it
because, true to its name, its walls are covered with
posters, from all eras of French poster art. I happen
to own the originals of some of the copies on their
walls, from the late 1800s series "Les Maitres de 
l'Affiche" and "L'Estampes Modernes" collections, so
for me this is a little like being at home. 

Except for the people passing by, that is. If I sit
outside my house in Leiden, I am not nearly as likely
to be entertained by a street performer juggling while
balancing a large bowl of goldfish on his head. Or by
women competing for the obviously coveted Who Can Wear
The Shortest Skirt Award. 

Or see hordes of tourists from all parts of the world
walking by, gawking at all the shops, restaurants, 
and cafes like this one, many adorned with people 
sitting at tables like mine, also writing -- either
in their paper notebooks, or on tablet computers or
laptops. Guess I'm not the only person to gain some
inspiration from people-watching. Hey, some people
have weirder fascinations. 

Today was a *very* busy day at work, so I haven't
checked out FFL since my last post, and haven't 
missed it in the least. I didn't even bother to go
back and "catch up" tonight when I sat here. What's
the point of doing that, after all? The people who
talk *about* me are never going to say anything new,
and the ones who actually talk *to* me haven't been
posting much lately anyway. 

Meanwhile I get to sit here and just watch the crowds,
relax after another Deadline Day, and really, really
enjoy Paris At Its Best. Warm summer nights like this
one are a delight. I get off on just watching everyone
out and about, walking by. And if someone interesting 
sits at the next tables, I'll probably get off on 
chatting with them -- in English if need be, but if 
not, I'll stumble through a conversation in one of 
my many other not-quite-mastered languages. 

And to think...somewhere out there in FFL Land, there
are people who can only get off if they can entice
other people into arguing with them.

I somehow think I've got the better deal...

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