Hey, Barbar, you never did tell us what "SERIAL FARTHING"
means. ;-)

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> > Thanks for these post Barry - I enjoy them.
> I enjoy writing them. If for no other reason, me rapping
> about enjoying my life while ignoring what they say about 
> me seems to piss of the Frightened Five more than anything 
> else I could do. :-)
> Just look at their response...in numbers, if nothing else.
> Judy's almost out of posts for the week, Ann's not far 
> behind, and I feel safe at guessing that neither of them
> have contributed anything but insults and attempts to get 
> people to argue with them all week. All while trying
> to hide their panic over the fact that fewer and fewer 
> people every week seem to be paying any attention to 
> anything they write. I mean, here it is Thursday morning 
> and I still have 30 posts to play with, and they only 
> have a handful between them. I think that speaks volumes 
> in terms of "who is affecting whom," don't you?  :-)
> Judy and her small band of sycophants seem to *live* for
> this stuff, but increasingly lately the only people 
> they've got to talk to are each other. Almost no one else 
> even bothers to respond. Except Xeno, and he's laughing at
> them the whole time, and Share, who still foolishly
> gives a shit what any of them say about her. 
> I just find it fascinating -- and thus fascinating to
> comment on in my cafe raps from time to time -- that 
> this small band of narcissists don't seem to realize how
> much of themselves they give away by relating their
> *fantasies* here on FFL. Almost ALL of these fantasies
> seem to revolve around how much the words they've posted
> to this tiny, backwater cesspool in cyberspace have
> *affected* and *hurt* someone they don't like. Don't 
> take my word for this, just watch the trends for yourself.
> I find it all kinda sad, but then I'm perverse enough
> to have noticed the trend that the more I *don't* take 
> them seriously, and the more I *don't* respond to them
> directly, the crazier they seem to get and the earlier 
> in each week they "post out." So that inspires me to 
> take them even less seriously than ever.  :-)
> The fallacy in their thinking, as far as I can tell, is
> that they actually seem to believe that people CARE what
> they think of them. That was Robin's biggest failing, 
> too, the guy they're so enamored of. They post tiny 
> insults, and enough of them that they often post out
> mid-week. He used to write these long, boring tomes 
> about the people he didn't like, and *he actually 
> expected the people he was ranting about to read them*,
> and to CARE what he thought of them. 
> THAT is their common failing, and why they can be so
> easily ignored. Their fantasies all revolve around the
> people they gang up on feeling BAD and being *affected*
> by the things they write. If enough people show them
> that nothing they say has any more effect that pissing
> into the wind, maybe in time they'll catch a clue and
> try to find something actually interesting to contribute.
> Maybe. Either that or they'll just keep doing the same
> old thing, writing to the imaginary "audiences" in their
> heads, as opposed to the real-life audience that is 
> largely ignoring them. But how long can that last? How
> long can they perpetuate their fantasies about how much
> they're "affecting" the people they don't like? How long
> can they keep that up? It's not as if someone could do 
> that for almost 20 years without catching a clue, is it?
> Oh. 
> Never mind.  :-)

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