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> I'm surprised the TM purists have not taken you to task for suggesting
the technique can be improved.

Perhaps they're flabbergasted by my temerity : )
Duncan Barford in his delightful (and amusingly-entitled) little book,
Handbook for the Recently Enlightened, suggests that those who pursue
the bog-standard "head-trip" meditation techniques can end up
"enlightened" but their enlightenment can be of a rather "autistic"
nature. Think Osho/Gurdjieff/Aleister Crowley/Maharishi/Robin Carlsen/ .
. . A fully-rounded enlightenment needs all the chakras opened in
sequence. Perhaps those who have genuine but limited, autistic,
awakenings end up founding cults - like Osho - but those who have the
full complement of awakened chakras -  Jesus (?), Buddha (?) - found
world-historical religions?

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