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> It's very important the environment that we keep. Group 
> meditations are really important. In group meditations 
> you get the advantage of the energy of the other person, 
> and the devotion of the other person, and the perseverance, 
> and the will of the other person, and you are absolutely 
> inspired. So, group meditations, seek them out! 

Can't argue with Buck's logic here, if what you
want in a spiritual movement and out of life is
(to reference the Bertrand Russell quote on the
FFL Home Page) to cultivate the "will to believe,"
as opposed to the "wish to find out."

By all means, if the most important thing to you
is to think the way the people around you think,
believe the things they believe, and act the way
they act, file into the Domes twice a day and 
immerse yourself in these other people's "energy"
and "devotion." 

After all, we all know that "coherence," as the
term is used in physics, involves lots of electrons
lining up and marching in lock-step together, not
one of them acting as if they had any individuality
or personality or worth on their own. The only 
important thing is that they all do exactly what
the other electrons are doing. 

So it is with "coherence" in the social/sociological
setting of the Domes. If your highest goal in life
is to be just like everybody else around you, you
simply MUST meditate in groups with them every day.
Skip a day, and you risk <shudder> having ideas of
your own, or doing things that might be considered
by your Betters as Off The Program. Can't have that...

More seriously, although almost everyone (even me)
might admit that there is a perceptible value in 
meditating with a group, it might be of interest to
some here that some spiritual teachers in traditions
other than TM *discourage* participating in group 
meds more often than, say, once or twice a month. 

The reason is that they have found over time that
those who do it more often become "lazy" about their
own meditations, and rarely make any progress in 
being able to have deep meditations when *not* in
a group. They "ride the energy" that they pick up
from the group, and "coast" with it, rather than
doing what might be necessary to have just as deep
and profound a meditation on their own. 

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