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> > No, I didn't. It's a review on Amazon, almost certainly written
> > by someone paid by Nokia. IMO, Lumia phones suck big time, at
> > least my Lumia 800 (WP 7.8. or stuff)...
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> A while back, I googled around and found an article explaining why Nokia 
> didn't just switch to Android. Apparently, they didn't want to compete with 
> Samsung, because look what Samsung has done to HTC. So, the solution is to 
> partner with a company that for years has never been anything more than a 
> tiny niche player in the mobile phone market? Going all out on the quality of 
> the tiny camera inside a phone is niche enough as it is, and running it with 
> a little used OS with a crappy app market will only serve to keep that niche 
> as tiny as possible. Where's the recipe for success in all that?

>From the POV of Nokia, one problem amongst many might be that
especially Chinese manufacturers might use several Nokia-patents
shamelessly for free...

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