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> > I hope that's not an argument from authority, probably
> > the least convincing way of winning an argument. All
> > of the ID crowd were "highly respected" PHDs, just not
> > any more, chortle.
> Isn't it fascinating that to some people who couldn't be
> considered philosophers in a million years, being *called*
> one confers some kind of noble and exalted status on the
> person being so named? As I see it, being a "philosopher"
> is kinda synonymous with "stuck in one's head."
> It can also be a cover for much darker shit:
> http://www.salon.com/2013/08/15/philosophy_has_a_sexual_harassment_probl\
> em/
> <http://www.salon.com/2013/08/15/philosophy_has_a_sexual_harassment_prob\
> lem/>

Newsflash: sexual harassment of women is found in so many fields and career 
jobs I have lost count. Just try working around the broadcast or TV/video 
production industry. Most men think all you're good for is an assistant of some 
kind. Rough going there. Barry, most jobs that don't include taking dictation 
or getting someone coffee or sticking a thermometer in someone's mouth is rife 
with sexual discrimination of women. I know women truck drivers and heavy 
equipment operators who deal with it day in and day out as well. The philosophy 
'world' is the least of it.

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