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    > Holy mother Ganges!! You must have really offended both of
    > them (Barry & Judy).
    > I wonder what exactly you did, for both of them to shun you.
    It's not complicated - they are both prejudiced against
    people that live in Texas - they've said as much since 1999.

    Barry and Judy have been encouraging everyone to shun
    me for years. Go figure.

    I probably posted 3,000 on-topic posts to alt.m.t. for five
    years before I received a single reply from Judy.

    Then, when I challenged her assertion that Bush lied - now
    she really hates me for proving that John Kerry is a liar.

    John Kerry did NOT spend Christmas of 1968 in Cambodia!

    In Barry's case, he is still mad at me for poking fun at the
    Zen Master Rama - but he pokes fun at MMY all the time.

    Go figure.

    Yes, it is surprising to find out that some TMers are so
    fixated on a person's birth circumstances. What's really
    funny is that Judy has never been to Texas and Barry is
    from Texas. LoL!

    Check out Ann, the bottom poster, and her reply to my
    post about home security! Good example of prejudice:


    Ha, Richard, the guy who says he has to protect himself from gays,
    transgendered men and women and lesbians (not to mention
    skinheads). Who's the prejudiced one? But he's right, I think I
    hate Texas.

It was a joke Ann, get a life. I don't care who they are if they try to break into my house.

    > authfriend:
    > > Thank you, Richard, you have provided a perfect demonstration
    > > over the past few days for everyone to see that what I said
    > > about you to Michael: you are a troll and a liar.
    > >

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    > If you don't like it, just ignore me like you've been
    > doing since 1999. LoL!
    > You don't have to respond to every single post here - if
    > you don't live near a Whole Foods just say so. Just cut
    > the crap, Judy, and stop the lying about it.
    > And you don't need to put others down just for wanting to
    > eat a few organic oranges at a local health food store.
    > We're not all poor people and I don't spend my 'whole
    > paycheck' at the market - I probably earn more retired
    > than you do working all day. Go figure.

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