According to the official store list, there are three Whole
Foods Markets located in New Jersey - not one of them is
anywhere near a Jersey shore, her neck of the woods,
according to Google Earth.

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Regarding Judy and Whole Foods (Whole Wallet). Based on what she has said, if true, I would say there is a Whole Foods within about a dozen miles (20km approx.) of her location.

There's no privacy on the internet - they can find out
anything they want to know about you just by nailing
down the IP Address that you used to post this message.

Maybe she wants to keep a certain amount of privacy in not nailing down her location. I like privacy. Barry likes privacy (you cannot email him through the forum). The home I live in is not in my name; my telephone is unlisted (which unfortunately does not work for telephone scammers using war dialing). If she travels there or not and how and what kind of foods she likes to eat is for her to tell us or not. The distance figure I calculated, if the locations I used are correct, will be within 25% plus or minus about 12% of the correct value.

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