Continued offenses?! Ok, Judge Dudy, now that makes me smile!

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Actually, "grudge-holding" is one of Barry's little fantasies designed to 
dismiss legitimate criticism while blaming the critic (otherwise known as 
"shooting the messenger"). As I've pointed out before, to criticize continued 
offenses is not an indication of grudge-holding (against either Barry or 

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turq, ah readability, ok that's penetrating my noggin just as Xeno's post did. 
Anyway, the thing about your mighty blasts in my direction, I've never felt 
that you were holding a grudge against me. For whatever reason, that's the 
difference that makes a huge difference for me.

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>> turq, so I guess the learning for me is how to balance 
>> that being transparent with what noozguru was calling 
>> having reserve. I'd call character the result of living 
>> our soul more and more. I'd say that's what both Emmylou 
>> and Willie do to a great extent. Thanks again for 
>> posting that.
>I think the point that you -- and the other poster
>consistently at the top of the Post Count list --
>still don't get, and still aren't willing to take
>any responsibility for, is that "living your soul"
>causes you to make *twice as many posts* as anyone
>else on the forum. 
>You both seem to react as if this is your "right,"
>and has no impact on anyone else, or on the overall
>readability of the group as a whole. 
>THIS is what I was getting at in my STFU post. That
>and the constant need (on both sides) to "defend
>yourselves" against perceived affronts, and turn 
>them into multi-post threads *that no one is inter-
>ested in except yourselves*. Just sayin'...

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