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Michael Jackson wrote:
 > what about it was revolutionary? He wasn't the only Indian guru
 > who came to the states and europe to promote his schtick you know.
 It was revolutionary in that he found a way to present a technique
 of meditation designed for beginners, as a mere starting point from
 which to explore more interesting techniques, as the "end point"
 of meditation itself. In other words, he presented a kindergarten
 level of meditation as "the best, most effective form of meditation
 on the planet," and convinced millions of people it was true.
 I'd call the chutzpah of that pretty revolutionary, wouldn't you? :-)

 Some people here keep harping on the fact that TM was so elementary, 
"kindergarten" as you put it. Let's face it, how complicated can sitting down 
and meditating be - in any spiritual practice? I mean you put your butt on a 
flat surface and close your eyes. We're not talking splitting the atom with a 
razor blade blindfolded or running a marathon backwards. Now, granted, 20 mins. 
twice a day is pretty easy to stomach and certainly doesn't compare to the 
lifelong and continuous hours that many holy or spiritually-driven people 
devote themselves to year after year until they die (presumably of boredom). 
But the practice of TM itself is hardly "kindergarten".

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