Ah, okay, it's quoted there a little lower.. but I had meant Marshy, the 
Ramana, and with 'they' the authors of the blog and Empty quoting it. 
Obviously, Michaels reference was to something else Barry wrote. I didn't get 
this (just get it now) :-)


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 Who's "they," iranitea? That post was from Barry.
 > > who did Marshy diss?

> Nobody, Michael, they are just making it up.


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 who did Marshy diss?
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 > FWIW, I find this absolutely hilarious, all the way to
 > very top (not just you guys), the most exalted
 > and experience and holiness--and it's the same
 > bickering and squabbling as on lowly, ignorant FFL.
 I will reply to this, because for once I agree with Judy.
 I've told this story before, but it's apropos, so
 I'll tell it
 again. Back in the day, in Boulder, CO, a bunch of folks
 organized what they called "Holy Man Jams." They
 would invite supposed holy men -- ALL of them recog-
 nized (at least by their followers) as fully enlightened,
 many of them famous within the American spiritual
 community -- to appear onstage together and debate/
 discuss things.
 ALL of these gathering devolved into petty ego arguments
 within minutes of them starting. It was a zoo.
 I mean, you had guys onstage (mainly guys, with only
 a few women, which was more a reflection of the times
 than sexism) -- some of them wearing white dhotis, some
 of them wearing the ochre robes of Buddhist monks, some
 in Western clerical garb, and some in "street
 clothes" --
 yelling at each other at the top of their lungs over points
 of OPINION that each of them claimed they knew the
 "truth" about. Blows were occasionally exchanged.
 I've seen the same thing over the years inside
 orgs, as the teacher-in-charge dissed other
 teachers and put them down. You *certainly* saw this
 with Maharishi.
 Bottom line seems to be just as Judy expressed it --
 bickering all the way down. What, after all, is the real
 difference between a bunch of old women having petty
 ego-arguments over personalities on FFL, a bunch of
 similarly old men having petty ego-arguments on FFL
 about how much they "know" and how little the
 person "knows," and these supposed "holy
 Where there are people, there are egos. And egos "act

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