I remember being very hungry, afterwards. It was difficult to distinguish 
between meditation and the lightheadedness that settles in, after such forced 
starvation. At one point, lying weakly on the floor, I thought I saw Shiva, 
dressed as a tuna fish sandwich. The mind plays odd tricks. He even had a side 
of chips, and a dill pickle spear. Freaky stuff - I wouldn't mess with it, 
except under close supervision.


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 What did you experience after four hours without food or water?  Were you also 
meditating during the fast?



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 I did it, once, for *four* solid hours. Two years ago, around Columbus Day. 


 Nothing - not even a peanut, or half cup of tap water - zip. You probably 
don't believe me, but its true. I think my years of TM helped, a lot. I must 
have been in a trance or something, to withstand it. I seriously thought I was 
going to pass out. Almost like Richard Harris, in that scene, from, "A Man 
Called Horse".


 Even so, I am working with a teacher, now, who says I can achieve *five 
hours*, of non-food, non-water - no problem. He's expensive, but worth it. I 
think he's Indian. Total cost is ~$1,000 (not including the non-food and 
non-water, of course). 


 This is a tough crowd, here on FFL, so I'll say up front: This guy is no cult 
leader. After all, I've been around the block. Don't knock it, 'til you've 
tried it.


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 Michelle Pfeiffer, the actress, has disclosed that she was once part of a 
“cult” which believed humans can exist without food or water. 
http://tinyurl.com/odb3y4c http://tinyurl.com/odb3y4c


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