--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Vaj <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On 9/28/05 4:40 PM, "cardemaister" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >>> The text that you keep referring to from the Shankaracharya
> > tradition
> >>> says this.
> >> 
> >> Hmmm. Must've missed that part. It DID say that yogic flying was 
> > obstacle
> >> of Cosmic Consciousness (Skt.: turiyatita).
> > 
> > Where exactly did it say that?
> One place is:
> Knowledge of Cosmic Consciousness
> 5. "The Renunciation of the Knower"
> 5.1 The Path of the Paramahamsa Yogins
> 5.1.4. The two terms ("paramahamsa" and "yogin") are used together 
in order
> to exclude someone who is only a yogin and someone who is only a
> paramahamsa. Someone who is only a yogin is a person who, because 
of his
> lack of the knowledge of truth, is attached to amazing feats of 
yogic power,
> such as knowing the past, present, and future, yogic flying, etc.,
> and has made efforts toward this or that (siddhi) with the various 
> formulae.  Consequently he becomes separated from the highest aim 
of human
> existence, Cosmic Consciousness.
> --
> jiivanmuktiviveka
> 5. atha paJcamaM vidvasaMnyaasaprakaraNam
> 5.1 yoginaaM parahaMsaanaaM margaH
> 5.1.4 kevalayoginaM kevalaM paramahaMsaM ca vaarayituM padadvayam 
> kevalayogii tattvajnaanaabhavena trikaalajnaanaakazagamanadiSu
> yogaizvaryacamatkaaravyavahaareSv aasaktaH saMyamaviZeSais tatra
> tatrodyuktas, tataH paramapuruSaarthaad bhraSTo bhavati.

Nice! Is that your own transliteration? (There seems to be a couple
of minor typos in it, of the type I myself tend to make, but overall 
it's very good compared to what one usually sees.) Which part of that
translates to "cosmic consciousness"? I guess it's implied.

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