John, when you posted the Miss USA photo I thought, she'll never win, she's not 
exotic looking enough. Exotic seems to be the current preference. Just like 
other aspects of visual beauty that go in and out of style, like skirt lengths 
and car colors and architecture, so too does the ideal of human beauty. 


 Men are hard wired to be attracted by physical beauty. In cave times flawless 
skin etc. were unconsciously grokked signs that a potential mate would bear 
healthy children. You've mentioned wanting to get married and have children so 
it's natural that you would pay attention to these attributes. 


 PS Maybe you have Venus in the 7th? (-:  


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 How do you define a real woman using your criteria?  By the way, there are 
many people who watch the Miss Universe contest.  I happen to be interested in 
it for reasons that you can probably guess.  But I didn't watch the show 
tonight.  I just read the news on the internet and passed it along to the group 
in case anyone is interested in this kind of activity.

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 Thanks for the update but this specimen still doesn't quite look like a real 
woman to me. I wouldn't have pegged you for a watcher of the Miss Universe 
contest Jr.

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 Buck and Ann,

 The winner this year is Miss Venezuela.  Doesn't she look like Raquel Welch?


 I personally feel that this is a news worthy event.  Why would anyone think 

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 So it would be good, to have better writing and more self-editing on FFL. 

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 Miss USA has a good chance.  It all depends on what she says in the Q and A 
portion of the contest.  But the competition will be tough this year.




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