What's "fascinating" is the EXTRAORDINARY hypocrisy of Barry accusing anybody 
else of bullying.

 Once you've viciously attacked someone in a post headed "SHUT THE FUCK UP," 
you've pretty much announced that you've permanently given up your last shred 
of credibility as a critic of bullies.

 And BTW, I never said what Barry quotes me as saying below. He made that up 
out of whole cloth. That's what losers have to do when they don't have a case. 
Doesn't make anyone else a winner; it only confirms that one is a loser.

 Plus, just a  reminder: The "Mean Girls Club" doesn't exist except in Barry's 
fantasies about his critics.

 Oh, and one last thing: Yesterday Richard cited an alt.m.t post of Barry's 
from 2004. If you read the discussion surrounding that post, you'll find a 
bunch of people making the exact same criticisms of Barry that are made here.


 "One doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to recognize you as the 'know 
 it all' egotist when you get criticized. You're a classic example; far 
 from anything akin to what anyone would consider a person of spiritual 
 integrity, in either the absolute or relative sense. Your blatantly 
 obvious defensive ego trip betrays any pretense you might have in that 
 regard. I doubt however, that your ego will allow your intellect to even 
 consider the possibility."


Barry wrote:

 Fascinating article from The Atlantic:


Read through it and see if it doesn't remind you of the Mean Girl behavior 
we've seen on this forum, especially the credo of the MGC's founder: "I am a 
winner because you are a loser."

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