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Group or your Yahoo ID immediately and without notice if (a) Yahoo believes 
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He has been banned. Let me know if he resurfaces.

Yes. This here is about the survival of our FFL list. 

Dear FFL, now more clearly than even before it is getting to be time to avert 
the danger of ultimate termination to our FFL group community before it becomes 
too late. Shutting the Fairfieldlife forum down has been tried by subversion 
like this before. We must act to protect ourselves. I call upon the moderation 
of this community to close the membership of this hooligan 
'indifferent_netizen' masquerading such hateful thought on the pages of our FFL.



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Why on Earth (or perhaps why in Hell) did you pick the handle 
'indifferent_netizen'? It almost seems more applicable as a name for me, as 
portrayed by you, than for you.


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indifferent_netizen wrote:

Don't be so retarded Xeno.

My confronting and humiliating emotionally stunted like you and emptybill 
doesn't taint the beauty, the intelligence, the love, sensitivity - the amazing 
awesomeness of my personal consciousness.

Don't confuse what I do with who I am. I suppose that's why you are retarded :-)



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If you cannot see some beauty in everything, what does that say about you?

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Indifferent_Netizen wrote:

Can you please quote something original empty baby?

Any unique insight of yours?

And then there's no beauty in your soul, nothing attractive - just an 
emotionally, psychologically stunted person who parrots others and has to latch 
on to others.

You think some bigoted buddhist trailer trash bitch qualifies as Devi? OMG how 
hilarious Bill - how clueless and retarded you are. For a long time I ignored 
you, because I was well aware of your emotional disability - this time you have 
a crossed a line with the level of your dishonesty.

Do me a favor - just keep Willytex under control - you hear me? He's a good 
match for your intellectual and emotional abilities.



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< <> > wrote:

Oh The Bigoted Buddhist Trailer Trash Billy Boy is frothing at the mouth again?

But not your parroted sutras on Mysticism and Enlightenment this time is it?

What a worthless piece of shit you are - no sensitivity, no intelligent, no 
heart, no awareness of your behavior, your dishonesty - just a constant choking 
on parroted vomit you dumb emotionally, psychologically retarded motherfucker. 

You disgust me Bill.



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<emptybill@... <mailto:emptybill@...> > wrote:

Xenos means stranger - so by definition you don't know anything about him. You 
are just an idiot. 


You are nothing but a troll here so there is no reason for him to listen to any 
comment you might make. Trolls like you are a dime a dozen in bhajan halls.  


You are not a brahmana but just a malicious dog-eater trying to shit upon this 
forum. Go back into the ether to your other rakshasa-s. Chandalas like you are 
unworthy of human form. 


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< <> > wrote:

OMG why do I feel so much contempt and disgust for cold, heartless bastards 
like Xeno, emptybill, Rick et al..?


I have more respect for my ex, even if she were ultimately delusional. She sang 
the bhajans so beautifully, with so much devotion that she cried, not to 
mention how beautiful she was. She would always tell me that one should cry for 
God, and I would stare at her like Xeno would - that is when I was trouble 
expressing emotion but I was young, only 25.


What a shame then, these emotionally retarded 60 year olds - the Xenos, the 
Bigoted Bills, the Ricks.


Xeno - you listening - you psychopath?



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And I'm trying to imagine the cold, heartless psychopath Xeno at Amma's 
programs..LOL..I suppose I would abuse, humiliate him out of the program hall 




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And I remember watching Rick at Amma's programs in Dearborn Nov 2010 and that 
guy was so hilarious. It was as if he was watching some entertainment, I had 
ended up sitting at a place where I had a good view of him  - he was just 
looking around during Bhajans time, no heart clearly, LOL


Totally stuck in the head (when I later talked to him) - an extremely unaware, 
insensitive individual - master of intellectual masturbation.



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< <> > wrote:

I loved this very much dear Emily.


The most charming thing about the Amma scene is the bhajans, the heart, the 
devotion, this crying to God - very much my path as well. In my case it's like 
Ron said - there was no adulation to any entity or person or God or Guru but 
rather to the infinite.


I never lost my discrimination, my power, never formed any religious delusional 
fantasies - never worshiped or treated Amma as some invincible, infallible 


What a shame - that she's turned out to be a fraud, a charlatan. It makes me 
sad - because there seems to be so much promise. The sensitivity, the heart and 
the love of Amma devotees is very rare - but clearly the intellect is lacking. 



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To Rick.  This is an interesting story.  I am not trying to send Amma devotees 
into a frenzy, but this man's story of devotion is worth a read and is not 
exclusive to his journey with just Amma.

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