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> > > Unc, lighten up. The last sentence was a funny joke. Read it 
> > > with the preceeding paragraph(s). Judy has a good sense of humor.
> > 
> > I am aware that she probably thought it was funny, 
> > in a putdown sorta way.  I am also aware of the
> > hundreds of posts she has written over the years on 
> > the value of consistency and her need to hear the
> > *same* answer every time.  That's why she likes
> > Maharishi.  She can't deal with teachers (to say
> > nothing of lowlives like ourselves) who deal in
> > contradictions and have different answers to life's
> > questions, depending on the state of attention or
> > POV that is in operation at the time.  I was poking 
> > fun at that.  It's probably one of those "you have 
> > to have been there" kinda things...

Just an observation:

Byron Katie said that in here life, when ever she has felt lonely or
insecure, she can trace it back to putting her nose in i) others
peoples' business or ii) God's business (what IS), instead of her own
business for which she said there was ample work to do. Clearly that
doesn't work in reverse for you: sticking your nose in Judy's business
doesn't appear to make you lonely or insecure. Do you get the same
result when you stick your nose in God's business "Listen here God,
don't give me none of that  "It IS" crap. This (whatever) should not
be. I will not accept it." 

I am only interested because I am sticking to my own business in
trying to figure out what path I want to follow: keeping my nose in my
business or sticking it both in other's and God's business. You seem
to be doing pretty well doing the latter so I wanted to be clearer on
the benefits. 

And what the hell is Byron Katie sticking her nose in my business for?

And does God only keep her nose in her business? Or does she put it in
others' business? 

If you get a nose job, does it lessen your ability to stick your nose
in others' business? 

And what are those Nosers of Reality all about?

I think Socrates nailed it when he said "n 

I wants to nose.  

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