Steve, my sister was in a head on collision today and I've been focused on 
that. She's ok but it was scary. 

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Hi Share,

Just checking in for a minute.  But had to offer a second opinion abut Hunger 
Games II.  Luckily we saw it at a matinee, when it was only $5.00.  I found it 
boring, with uninspired acting.  IMO, you won't be missing anything if you skip 

That goes for Gravity as well.  Another boring ass movie IMHO.

Yes, I always like some new insight into Atlantis.  I don't know if it existed, 
but if I had to make a wager on it, I would say it did exist.

Hockey is off to a great start, and we've able to go to many games.

Theresa is such a conscientious student that she sometimes is not able to go.  

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