Well, let's see now. Share alerted us to the corn-based ethenol scam, but Judy tried to insinuate that Share was watching Fox News on TV, and so Judy sent us to Scope's to read a mixed" report, but the Snope's report supported Share. And, Judy beat the rap because she refused to admit it she was wrong. Judy tried to bite Share's ankle, but Judy bit herself on the ass. LOL!

"There's a simple reason that ethanol is popular with politicians: money. Substituting corn ethanol for a large fraction of the gasoline we burn will mean sluicing gushers of cash from more populated states to politically powerful farm states. And a lot of that cash will wind up in the pockets of the big agribusinesses, like Archer Daniels Midland, that dominate ethanol processing—and whose fat checkbooks wield enormous influence in Washington."

'The Ethanol Fallacy'
Popular Mechanics Op-Ed:

On 12/15/2013 10:56 AM, authfri...@yahoo.com wrote:

Well, let's see, now. Share accused me of something; I "beat the rap" because her accusation was found to be false. She was accused of the falsehood and didn't beat the rap, but she refuses to admit it and has thought up all kinds of ways to wiggle out of it, all unsuccessful. (Hardly the only time this has occurred, I might add.)

But your sweet spot for Share leads you to give her a pass on her rotten ethics and go after me instead. Says something about your ethics as well.

Feste wrote:

<< My metaphor is good. You were accused of something and you beat the rap. But your many other sins remain unpunished, although not unnoticed. >>

You're more than welcome to attempt to punish me for my "many other sins," but the fact that you won't acknowledge Share's suggests you have a bit of a problem with double standards.

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