It sure looks like Feste got to Judy - she's dedicated close to a dozen defensive posts trying to weasel out of posting a stupid chat room trick. That's pretty much "standard internet practice" with Judy - when caught in a fib, try to humiliate your debating opponent.

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Translation: Feste thought he was going to "get" Judy with his remarks about the periods-between-words convention, but he was shown to be wrong, and he's very pissed. Richard can't get me to engage with his trolling and lying and in desperation has gone way overboard , making an utter fool of himself, so /he's/ very pissed.

Feste, let's hear some more about my purported "misrepresentations." Can you document any? Or is that just more bluffing?

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You are spot on there, Richard. That's exactly what this woman does. It's very ugly. There is a viciousness there, the cause of which I can only speculate about. In her obsession with being right all the time, she will indulge in all kinds of misrepresentation and personal attacks in order to prevail. It's kind of insane, like if some loony woman were to grab someone in the street and start haranguing them and never letting go. I have never encountered anything like it before. It's just not normal behavior. I do wish she would get some mental health counseling. It might give her some insight into why she is so unpleasant and is always falling out with people. But I fear that the iron grip of her self-righteousness will not allow her to explore this extremely problematic aspect of her personality.

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    On 12/22/2013 9:50 AM, feste37 wrote:

        > Sometimes the smallness of your mind amazes me.

    Judy does not take kindly to criticism, Feste. Even a casual comment
    like yours about her use of the dots after words in a sentence being
    "standard practice"soon turns into a personal confrontation, which
    will very quickly escalate into retaliation trying to defend
    herself and
    trying to make you feel humiliated. That's her "standard
    practice". But
    it should noted that apparently not a single respondent on this list
    ever saw dots used between words and nobody seems to care about it,
    except Judy - it took her seven attempts to try convince us that
    use this posting style all the time, but I've been using Twitter
    it was founded, I've never seen dots used in between words.

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