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 Excellent Share, excellent!  It only took you 2.85 days to "unpack" what you 
meant by "GET A FRIGGING LIFE."   That wasn't so hard, was it?  

 Here is the rest of Lesson 2.  Set up a file box (maybe an Iowa-themed recipe 
box will do)  with 26 cards, one for each letter of the alphabet.  When you 
identify a feeling you are having, write it down under the corresponding 
letter.  Now, we're after only the more negative feelings with you; you've got 
"positivity" down.  So, as I recollect, you were feeling "cranky" with Robin (a 
C word) and were feeling "exasperated" by Bob and Emily.  I'll bet Judy and Ann 
elicit feelings too.  Try to keep it to 3 feelings/emotions per letter of the 
alphabet.  This will give you a "range" of 78 feelings in your "feeling bank."  
Let me know when Lesson 2 is complete and we will move on to Lesson 3 - also a 
fun one - "How to tell a Feeling from a Fact."  This is where we start to take 
on the phenomenon of why you like to engage in name-calling.  I'll work on my 
list too so you don't have to go it alone.  

 Don't let Richard get you down now; maybe you could send him a recipe box? 

 I see it now. The whole divine purpose of sharebear here is to bring out some 
of the best in Emily. In the last few hours I have witnessed the posting of 
very helpful tips from Emily given in the most light-hearted and humorous 
manner. Let's give a hand to the most artificial and insincere member of our 
fine forum, Share Longnose, for providing the impetus for Emily's creativity. 
(clap, clap)




 Dear Ann, I don't know if there is much hope for Sharester, but she has taken 
a few baby steps this year, despite herself.  

 Given that Daughter #1 cracked the front bumper of her car through and through 
trying to do a u-turn on a side street without quite knowing the turning radius 
of her car (I have told her over and over - "do what I say and not what I do; 
these kinds of maneuvers take experience to be successful") - but she didn't 
listen to dear old mom.  And, given that Daughter #2 dropped her new phone in 
the toilet, and when I replied with "why do you feel the need to take your 
phone into the bathroom with you?", she laid down one of my favorite 
lines..."MOMMM, YOU JUST DON'T *GET IT.*" - well, I must go and take on one of 
my favorite roles, that of "Crisis Control Manager."  We are leaving town for a 
little R&R after Christmas, with or without the new, new, phone and regardless 
of what the insurance company says - little do the daughters know.  Have a good 
one.  Emily.  


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 Emily, for me frigging connotes exasperation due to the extremity of some 
situation. For example, if I said I haven't a frigging clue, it would mean that 
I don't even have a hint of a clue and felt exasperated by that. Get a frigging 
life means I was exasperated at how you and Bob were making a mountain out of a 
molehill with regards to my reaction to last year's photo of Ann's tree!

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   Well, Share, that's what I gave you, the Urban Dictionary definition.  
Consider this a Christmas present from me.  I'm also willing to go a step 
further.  Here is Lesson 1 from the Feelings Manual 101.  "Acknowledge that you 
are having an emotion."  Just that Share, no need to identify it yet.  That is 
Lesson 2 and it is a fun one - 26 easy steps corresponding with the letters of 
the alphabet.  Whadya say...are you curious?  Shall we do this together?  

 P.S.  For the record, Share, what "sense" of the word "friggin'" do you have?  

 And, yes, I have been hitting the egg nog - one made with coconut milk; pretty 
darn tasty.  

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 Emily, have you been hitting the egg nog?! I said I didn't know the dictionary 
definition of frigging. period. I never asked for your help to unpack it. I'm 
quite happy with my sense of it, thank you very much!

 On Sunday, December 22, 2013 8:01 PM, "emilymaenot@..." <emilymaenot@...> 
   "HAVE A MARVELOUS FRIGGING EVENING RICHARD."  Is this better?  Share asked 
me to help her unpack the word "FRIGGING" Richard, so I did.  She wrote it; she 
could have Googled it herself, if she was unaware of what she wrote.  I think 
Feste should check in on her to make sure she is O.K. as I don't understand why 
she didn't know what she was writing or why she didn't know to Google the word. 

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 > SHARE. Emily.
 This very impressive, Emily, especially during the Christmas season!







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