Arrest him and book him!

You are fired for lying to the American people. Clear out your desk and
leave the building! Officer, arrest this man and book him for serial lying.
Bailiff, put this man in chains and take him for the perp walk,immediately!
Mr. Biden, get on the phone with that Snowden fellow and get his pardon
ready,NOW! Do it!

It's not easy to pick the year's most transparent lie from the self-styled
“most transparent administration in history.” There are so many to choose
from—such a richness of embarrassment.

For my money, the biggest presidential lie of the year came on June 7, the
week after former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden
revealed the agency's secret collection of call records data on millions of
Americans. “I welcome this debate,” Obama proclaimed—even as his
administration was hunting down the whistleblower who started it and
preparing to hit him with 30 years of Espionage Act charges."

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'Obama's Epic Fib About the NSA'

On Fri, Oct 18, 2013 at 7:55 AM, Richard Williams <>wrote:

> The ObamaCare disaster is not just a management failure, it's a firing
> incident. Where I used to work, a system failure this large would be a
> cause for instant dismissal:
> *"Clean off your desk and get out, you're fired! Officer, escort this
> person off the premises. And, don't you ever come back! You'll never work
> in this town again. You fuckin' idiot!"*
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> 'In Defense of Kathleen Sebelius'

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