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 Subject: [FairfieldLife] TM  -- like falling in love!?
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 Date: Saturday, December 28, 2013, 8:08 PM
 Q: When did you learn the TM technique?
 Ian: I learned TM in college in 1994. It was a high-pressure
 environment, and TM helped me focus, discover what I really
 loved to study, and dramatically improved my health.
 Jenny: I learned TM in 2007. I had wanted to meditate ever
 since I started yoga. I felt like something was missing in
 my practice. I tried so many different types of meditation,
 but I always felt restless, always looking at my watch, very
 antsy. It was very frustrating to me that I wasn’t able to
 When I met Ian, he told me that the TM technique was easy,
 but I didn’t believe him. Then one day I met a TM teacher,
 and I felt so calm just being in her presence that I sensed
 TM could also bring that experience for me.
 The moment I learned TM it was like falling in love. I felt
 like I had been a seeker before, and suddenly I was a
 knower. I was so grateful for that experience of
 transcending, after looking so long for a deeper experience
 of consciousness.
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