Om my ohm my good guy Buck -bug from you who knows all the healer and sadhus in 
and out Fairfield -comes this desire to know...

 To summarize, the three competing Jyotirmaṭha lineages in a chart:
 1. Brahmānanda Sarasvatī (1941-1953; revived the maṭha after a vacancy of 165 
 2. Śāntānanda Sarasvatī 
    (1953-1980, d. 1997) 
 3. Viṣṇudevānanda Sarasvatī 
    disciple of Brahmānanda; 
    predeceased Śāntānanda) 
 4. Vāsudevānanda Sarasvatī 
    (since 1997 [1990 ?]; 
    disciple of Śāntānanda)
 2. Kṛṣṇabodha Āśrama (1953-1973; not a direct disciple)
 3. Svarūpānanda Sarasvatī 
    (since 1973; 
    disciple among other  of Brahmānanda)
 3. Svarūpānanda Sarasvatī 
    (1973-1993/4 [1982 ?]) 
 4. Mādhava Āśrama 
    (since 1993/4; disciple of 
    Kṛṣṇabodha Āśrama)
 Not including - Hariharānanda (Karapātrī), Dvārakeśānanda, 
Paramātmānanda and Prakāśānanda (?)
 Where our beloved  FFL-Shankaracharya -in-waiting-in -wanting Williams 
Pundister belongs or wanting to belong (not included in above chart)-has to be 
inquired/and or asked by your self dear Buck in the Dome-OHM

Mahsrishi-ji funeral has been arranged according to tradition by his family  

overseen and in patronage of 


Shankaracharya  of Jyotirmaṭha: Vāsudevānanda Sarasvatī 

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 I would really like a program guide that has a flow chart of who is who in the 
modern Shankaracharya business. I can't keep their names straight. Which ones 
are our guys? Context too, like which one recently did all the arrangement and 
hosting for Maharishi's funeral?


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   Illfully submit my composure and humbly beg your utmost pardon- wrong 
language link
here you go:
 Published on Nov 26, 2013 report about  the day of verdict and impact it has 
on Indian society
(Who remembers MMY harsh words about this case?)
 Unfortunately most online discussion about the case are in Hindi and/or other 
regional languages



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