I am still feeling tons of palpable energy even as I go about my day. Will get 
back to you on that in a while.
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 > I changed my day so I could delve into what you had
 written - I have gone through a lot of it and it answers
 most of my questions. Mainly I wanted to know if you thought
 Rama was legit in the beginning and if you witnessed any of
 the power or sidhi demonstrations he did. Obviously yes to
 If by "legit" you mean
 enlightened, I don't know. What I do know is that in the
 beginning he was a nicer guy and a better teacher, and was
 obviously going through *something*. What that something was
 I still don't know; all I know is that it radiated so
 strongly you could feel it. Meditate with the man and there
 was no issue of stopping thoughts. You couldn't *have*
 thoughts. The silence was that profound. 
 As for the performance of sidhis, yes I witnessed them, as
 did literally thousands of other people over the years, but
 again, I can't claim to "know what was
 happening." All I can say is that it DID happen for me,
 subjectively, and that it was kinda neat to see. I was never
 as wowed out as some people were by the sidhis, strangely
 enough because I stilled believed in something Maharishi had
 said earlier (and later changed his mind about), that sidhis
 did not mean enlightenment, and vice-versa. Apples and
 oranges. No relation between the two.
 Interestingly enough, especially given your next comment,
 the real phwam! of seeing these things was not so much
 seeing them but FEELING them. *Whatever* was going on, there
 was a palpable field of energy that surrounding it that just
 knocked my socks off. 
 > I had a hard time reading much of it because I began to
 feel a great deal of energy as soon as I started reading, I
 mean LOTS of energy. So I am taking the reading in stages.
 Read a little. Sweep my floors a little, clean the
 bathrooms, come down off the energy a little and read a
 little more. 
 Interesting to hear that you
 felt something while reading it. I certainly did while
 writing it.
 > Two minor questions I have are:
 > Did you know this guy? Mark Laxer
 Yes. We were friends in the
 early days, but he was one of the early defectors, and I
 just haven't run into him since. I'm sure he had
 some interesting things to say in his memoir piece about
 Rama, but I haven't read it. 
 > Have you ever read his book Take Me for a Ride: Coming
 of Age in a Destructive Cult Paperback?
 No. It's difficult for me to
 read other students' books about Rama, because 1)
 I'm not really that interested in the guy these days,
 and 2) what they experienced was what *they* experienced. It
 may or may not map to my experience, and neither of us is
 "right" about what we saw and experienced, or what
 we think of him. We just saw and experienced what we
 experienced, that's all. 
 > If so is it accurate?
 Can't help you. As I said, I
 haven't read it. 
 > That's all - back to the energy now and thanks for
 talking and thanks for writing about Rama and all the other
 things you wrote about.
 > --------------------------------------------
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 terrible thing.
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 >  Date: Thursday, January 16, 2014, 4:02 PM
 >        Thanks Barry - I am gonna read what you have
 >  written and if I have any questions after that,
 >  send 'em. 
 >  Got a busy day today, but I intend to start reading it
 >  tonight.
 >  --------------------------------------------
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 >  Subject: [FairfieldLife] Re: Apostasy, is a terrible
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 >   Date: Thursday, January 16, 2014, 8:21 AM
 >   --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Michael Jackson
 >   wrote:
 >   > I would like to have a conversation with you
 >  your
 >   time with Rama if you are willing. I am more than
 happy to
 >   do it privately if you like cause I know some on here
 >   going to revile you no matter what you say. So can
 >  talk?
 >   I don't mind, as long as you
 >   understand a few things at the outset. First, I
 >  even
 >   think about the dude any more, except when something
 >   triggers a memory, as something you said in one of
 >   posts did yesterday. Second, I don't waste my
 >   either condemning or defending him -- he was what he
 >   and I don't much care what anyone thinks about
 >   Third, however, and as you say, if we do it here you
 >   expect a lot of "piling on" from stalkers
 >   They'll do it for various reasons. Some will
 >   piling on when they hear tales of thousands of his
 >  students
 >   witnessing siddhis they've *still* only read
 >   after 30 years of pursuing them and after paying
 >   of dollars to supposedly learn them. Some will pile
 >   because they don't like me, and they mistakenly
 >  believe
 >   that if they diss a former teacher I still have some
 >   positive feelings about, it'll push my hot
 buttons the
 >   same way me saying things about MMY pushes theirs,
 >  thus
 >   I'll react and get into one of the Robin-like
 >   "confrontations" with them they so hope
 >   That's not gonna happen, so we might as well do
 >  here.
 >   :-) But I'll warn you ahead of time that my
 >   span for "things Rama-related" is pretty
 >   short these days, so if you have questions, make the
 >   few "count," because at some point I'll
 >   tired of the whole thing and bail. :-)
 >   That said, ask anything you want, and I'll do my
 >  to
 >   answer your questions as honestly as I wrote
 >  Trip
 >   Mind." That would be a good place to start if
 you are
 >   actually curious about the dude. I wrote it to get
 >   Rama-monkey off my back, and it worked. I don't
 >  actually
 >   have a great deal more to say about the guy than I
 said in
 >   that book. 
 >   http://www.ramalila.net/RoadTripMind/index.html

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