Re "Guy croaked himself.":


 Did Rama leave a suicide note? If not, it seems a funny way to commit suicide. 
Some reports claim he took 80–150 Valium. Valium comes in 2mg, 5mg and 10mg 
strengths. Assume (tops) he took 150 x 10mg = 1,500mg diazepam. People have 
taken 2,000mg of valium and had no bad effects after sleeping off the dose for 
48 hours. 
 Some have maintained that Rama took Phenobarbital (Abbie Hoffman's choice 
also) which sounds more likely if he had decided to check out - but don't US 
coroners run proper autopsies to determine exactly what poisons are in blood 
 Either way, the cause of death was drowning! Was that his intention all along? 
Or did he simply drown accidentally after going on a drug bender?

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