" But in samadhi, during the dreaming state of consciousness, most people can 
experience lucid images which are not coming from the eyes.  IMO, these 
experiences are just as valid as those during the waking state."

 Just as valid as in *you* accord them the same importance? If you have a dream 
about being run over by a truck is it the same as being actually run over on 
the way to the shops? 

 If you dream about talking to someone and they tell you something, is it the 
same to you as reading this? Meaning that other people can read it and does it 
fit in with a procession of events from me reading Share's post and you reading 
mine? I suspect that it's all just isolated in your head and means nothing 
unless you tell someone and they choose to believe it.

 "As a matter of fact, some dreams can be interpreted as messages from past 
lives or from the future."

 I'm positive you can interpret dreams as meaning something important to you 
but what about all the dreams that don't pertain to anything you recognise in 
your day to day life?  The signal is so drowned out by noise that the only way 
you can get any sort of sense out of it is by filtering anything that doesn't 
seem to make sense out of the picture and forgetting about it. Very convenient 
but not very scientific, you really need a way to explain why other dreams 
don't make sense, you can't just cherry pick a few hits and claim that some 
other force is open to you.


 "In the Old Testament, for example, the pharoah of Egypt asked Daniel to 
interpret his dreams.  And, Daniel correctly interpreted that the dream was 
about a seven year drought that will descend upon the land.  For this, the 
pharoah rewarded Daniel handsomely."

 I don't suppose you have a story from the last couple of millennia we could 

 I mean, good for Daniel, but surely with the amount of people around now and 
the momentous events that pollute the news on a daily basis shouldn't we have 
all sorts of prophets recording their visions and posting on youtube? We could 
at least then see for ourselves what sort of hit-rate this awesome latent power 

 "There is probably a scientific explanation as to why this happens"

 Yup, and this is it: People see patterns in random noise, conveniently forget 
the overwhelming number of misses and attribute "hits" to some higher power.

 "IMO, this happens because the dreaming state of consciousness belongs in the 
higher dimension above space-time.  As such, the dream state can see the events 
that happened before the present time and those events that belong in the 

 This isn't very scientific. If there were other dimensions we would notice 
them somewhat and it would make the walk to the shops a bit strange to say the 
least, we can't even imagine extra dimensions let alone imagine what navigating 
through them would be like. The trouble is you hear about things like extra 
dimensions in string theory and use that as a panacea to justify all the stuff 
you want to be true. Like your claim that the fact there might be 7 extra 
dimension might corresponds to the 7 states of consciousness. It doesn't make 
sense for so many reasons but the main one is that the dimensions (if they 
exist) are curled up so small they can't interact with our universe, just as 
well because the 3 dimensions we live in are plenty and there isn't even a way 
of imagining any more, our world would simply stop working.

 But the idea that there is a higher plane where these dreams live is 
interesting but for the reasons above I doubt it's real or we would have access 
to it these days and not have to rely on ancient stories for evidence. It would 
be practically rather useful after all.

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