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 Interesting to read this again, I don't ever go back and search and re-read 
stuff here. But I don't see anything about any confessionals at Starbucks.

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 Judy, I don't know what the point of arguing about it is.  If he said it, it 
will be there in the record.  Without being too boastful, my memory is pretty 
good.  My impression is that he had nothing to do with e-mails, and seemed to 
predate his participation here.

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 You've got something screwy here, Stevie. He may have been talking about 
email, in which case he probably meant with me. But there was no "daily 

 My recollection is that he did, indeed say that he has a friend he meets with 
most everyday, at Starbucks, (I believe), in whom he confides thoughts, 

 I would say this was a couple months before he stopped posting.

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 emptybill doesn't know what he's talking about with regard to Robin, his reams 
of quotes notwithstanding.

 "Daily confessional with his friend at Starbuck's"?? Robin never said anything 
remotely like that.

 Both Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox theologies have clearly explicated 
the nature of union with God – at least as far as that is possible for humans. 
However, he never appeared interested in learning more - whether about 
Catholic/Orthodox Christianity, Yogic Vedanta or Shankara’s Advaita Vedanta. I 
attribute this to a lack of genuine humility although he was constantly 
espousing a pseudo-humility. 

 Sorta my take on the whole thing.  On the other hand, we do have the "missing" 
years when he was substitute teaching.  Could get some checks in the humility 
column for that.  And then we have his daily confessional with his friend at 
Starbucks.  Do I have that right?


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