Running out of time here Judy.  Yes, I figured you'd ask for examples if you 
replied.  I gave you one a couple weeks ago.  You can look it up if you want, 
or not. No matter to me.

---In, <authfriend@...> wrote:

 "In tatters"? Really? Do you have some examples? 

 And what does this perception of yours have to do with the post you're 
commenting on?

 Dear Jude, 

 I wish you would wake up one day and decide to be more of straight shooter, 
instead of being such an obstructer. 

 Your constant proclamation of being a staunch upholder of truth is in such 
tatters, that you really should consider a different platform.  


 Steve or Feebs or whatever name you care to use.

 Looks to me as though Emily is asking you to spell it out for her, Feebs. 

 Spell it out for me Emily.

 Really Steve, do you have any idea what you are saying?  This is your comment? 
 I mean, "Huh?"  "What?" (guffaw) Nobody could ever accuse you of trying to 
conceal your ignorance, Feebs. 

 Okay, okay, you gotta admit, this sounds like a man trying to sound like a 
woman.  A customer of our business is a transvestite, or maybe a man who just 
likes to cross dress.  We saw him last week, and he sounded a lot like the guy 
on this recording.  Also, I just came in from doing an errand, and they had the 
guy Judy was talking about, and he sounded just like a normal man. 

 So, I'm not sure what the big hubub is about.  I guess it is considered high 
art or something that a man can sing like a woman, and we should all oooh, and 
aaah, and shout Bravo! Bravo!.  Evidently I am missing something. (-:

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