Sure Ann, thanks. 

 This winter weather has been good for our business, so the last two months 
have seen a nice jump in sales.

 I just read an article, or heard a story that a lot of movie production has 
moved to BC.

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 Hey Ann, 

 Thanks for making me smile this morning.  I confess, I am not a seat belt 
wearer either except when on the interstate, or when I am rushing.

Well, I'm glad you're smiling because none of my posts to you in the last day 
were meant to be anything but light, if not slightly humorous - especially the 
bull riding ones. I hope your sense of humour sticks around for a while.


 It was around this time several years ago, when I was making a ride into the 
country at night, when I hit an ice match, and rolled my Ford Explorer about 
five times before coming to a stop down in a ditch. 

 Yes, I was glad I was wearing it then.  

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 Ann, I figured you would misinterpret my statement on bull riding, either 
intentionally, or unintentionally, so you didn't let me down there.  

 Ann, you crack me up with your stance on bike helmets.  I mean talk about 
having a near sighted view on safety!

 You might want to look at some stats on bike accidents with, and without 

 You seem to be a rather serious mood this morning. And if you think my 
"stance" on bike helmets is "near sighted" you should hear my stance on seat 

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 Ann, glad that you can speak so expertly on behalf of (seemingly) all gay 
couples.  That's certainly a relief.
 I didn't mean to imply that I don't understand the need for helmets with bull 
riding, just that it takes away from the macho image of it to some extent.   


 Oh, I still think seeing some idiot who decides to strap themselves on top of 
an animal weighing close to a ton and not happy about it is pretty macho, 
albeit it ill-informed. A tiny little thing like a crash helmet and safety vest 
hardly spoil the image for me - they're still macho and idiotic (or is that 

 I assume you are being factitious about bike helmets.

 No. I have a really rebellious streak about having to wear them, which we do 
here up in British Columbia. You get fined and ticketed if you're not wearing a 
bike helmet. I think it's stupid. Soon, you'll have to wear a safety vest to 
walk down the sidewalk or get thrown in jail for unnecessarily endangering 
yourself. I don't like to be dictated to when it comes to my own safety.


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 Definitely moving in that direction. (-:   

 Although, and not related, I do support MLB's decision to try to reduce those 
hard collisions at home plate. 

 But, I will say, I can't quite get used to helmets for bull riding.  Helmets 
for hockey?  Okay, although I well remember they game being played without 

 How about those safety vests for bull riding that they all now wear? Frankly, 
I think bull riders should be donning Michelin Man suits. Concussions are a big 
deal now and virtually everyone wears a helmet for most sports and so they 
should. Damaging your brain in the service of entertainment is hardly worth it. 
One thing I do have a problem with, however, is having to wear a bike helmet. I 
think of all the miles and hours I was atop a bike as a youngster and I never 
once fell on my head, as hard as that might be to believe.

 And okay, thrown out for discussion.  I would guess that many gay couples may 
be uncomfortable with the fact that they can now marry in many places.

 I think you are guessing dead wrong.

   I am particularly thinking of my sister who has lived with her S.O. for many 
years.  I have never discussed it with her, but I am not sure they would want 
to get married. 

 Phew, you have never discussed this with your sister?

  But I wonder if it becomes a awkward decision for some gay couples, who might 
have wanted to stay just beneath the radar, and now a question might arise, 
"well why don't you now get married"

 No, no. Silly notion.

 And yes, I admit, the whole notion of people of the same sex getting married 
does strike me as a little odd. But I have no objections.

 Well, that's a relief.

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 Probably would do a smash-up Super Bowl half time show.
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   Keep going Judy.  This is your strong suit.  Mine it Judy.  Mine it. 
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 (guffaw) Nobody could ever accuse you of trying to conceal your ignorance, 

 Okay, okay, you gotta admit, this sounds like a man trying to sound like a 
woman.  A customer of our business is a transvestite, or maybe a man who just 
likes to cross dress.  We saw him last week, and he sounded a lot like the guy 
on this recording.  Also, I just came in from doing an errand, and they had the 
guy Judy was talking about, and he sounded just like a normal man. 

 So, I'm not sure what the big hubub is about.  I guess it is considered high 
art or something that a man can sing like a woman, and we should all oooh, and 
aaah, and shout Bravo! Bravo!.  Evidently I am missing something. (-:



 My freshman year of college I played a concert with the famous contratenor 
Alfred Deller and the University of Washington symphony.   The concert was in a 
church which now houses Bastyr University, a naturopathic school and the church 
is used for many recordings including movie soundtracks.  Here is a clip of 
Deller singing "Greensleeves":
 Also one of my TTC course leaders was a contratenor and sang for the group.
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