--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Bhairitu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> No need to get a Mac these days since there are plenty of good 
> apps for Windows.  There are two reasons musicians get Macs and 
that was 
> in the early days the bus was easier implement audio hardware on 
> I found Mac programming a pain in the butt) and many musicians are 
> flaky to handle anything more complicated than a Mac. :)   Even the 
> defacto pro standard ProTools is available for Windows.
> I use Cakewalk's Sonar myself but mainly for MIDI and also have 
> other multi-channel capable audio apps to use.   I also just 
> Nero to version 7 and the audio software in it does Dolby 5.1 and 
> which is cool to play with.
> Ben has given some good recommendations for Windows programs.  
> is good but a little slow compared to some of the commercial 
> Cool Edit which was an affordable editor was bought by Adobe which 
> turned it into a multi-channel package and priced much higher.
> Good luck with your recordings!

If you already have a PC, and don't want to spend money on getting a 
Mac, obviously a Mac isn't part of the answer.

However, Garageband and its big brothers (Logic Express and Logic 
Pro) are really kool music products, and Garageband comes bundled 
with every new Mac. The upgrade to the latest version of Garageband 
is part of the iLife suite for $79. That's the latest versions of  
iMovie HD, iDVD, iTune, iPhoto and Garageband.

They integrate quite well, also, which is why they're sold as a suite 
of upgrades.

BTW, Mac programming in MacOS X is very kool. John Carmack of id 
Software used the original version to create Doom. Tim Berners-Lee 
used it to create thefirst web-browser. A version of the Mac 
development software is bundled with every new Mac and the latest 
version is availableas a free download from Apple.

You can use it to develop Mac/X-WIndows GUI applications, or plain 
old UNIX CLI programs.

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