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 Everyone knows Lady Di's death was orchestrated by MI6 on the orders of the 
Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales and Lady Sarah McCorquodale cuz they 
couldn't stand the thought of a Muzzlim gittn' in the britches of the Princess. 
That's what Mohamed al Fayed said anyways!


 Here's a fascinating insight into how conspiracy theories are worked out:

 That Mitchell and Webb Look - Diana Assassination 
 That Mitchell and Webb Look - Diana Assassination 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4meFC1ee7Q That Mitchel and Webb Look- Season 
4- Episode 6 This isn't taking the piss out of Princess Diana but in fact the 
idiots who believe in conspiracy theories so...
 View on www.youtube.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4meFC1ee7Q 
 Preview by Yahoo 


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 There are lots of celebrities who question the 9-11 story.  I liked the time 
that Mos Def was on Bill Maher and mentioned he didn't believe the official 
story.  That sort of put Maher between a rock and a hard place because he like 
Mos but goes unglued over the  9-11 allegations.  Maher even had some audience 
folks thrown out because they yelled it was an "inside job."
 Oh and BTW, I bought both of the remote viewing episodes from Courtney Brown.  
It's more about the process the two remote viewers went through and very 
interesting.  One point I wonder about though was if one of them remote viewed 
the war room for the war game that day which would have had nothing to do with 
the false flag.
 But keep eating the peanuts and believing your guvmint and the big 
corporations who represent the truth.

 The only thing I believe about the government is that they are incapable of 
planning and executing such a sophisticated and cynical plot. Rigging buildings 
to collapse like a traditional demolition but only after planes had flown into 
them? And without ever practising! What would have happened if the buildings 
fell over when the planes hit? The nuclear weapons would have been seen 
exploding! Bit risky for the plotters.

 You got to be on more than peanuts to take any of it even remotely seriously. 

 Basically something shit happened and it's hard to take on board so someone 
has to be to blamed. Just as with Lady Di, that had to be an inside job - even 
though none of it made any sense - otherwise it's all just so pointless and 
destructive. Much better if the government are behind it. Something to get 
excited about.
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 Ah, celebrity endorsement. It must be true!
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 Should cause some commotion here:




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