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Very violent but a great Luc Besson
      film.  I saw a couple months back in the nearby theater.

I wouldn't go so far as to call it "great," and didn't back when we discussed 
it here earlier. It was a pretty normal movie these days from Luc Besson, who 
is so bloody BUSY being the biggest producer of films in Europe (director of 21 
films or TV series, producer of 116, and writer of 56) that he can't always be 
relied on to do his best with all of them. :-)

As for those who've never seen the film talking about whether the "humans use 
only 10% of their brains" metaphor is correct, that's just silly. The film is 
fiction, and it's a metaphor. Those who really don't *get* fiction could just 
as have just as meaningless a debate about whether giant white whales really 
exist when discussing "Moby Dick."  :-)

Anyway, I agree with Bhairitu that the level of violence might be too much for 
some here, but here's the car chase scene, which is a wonderful combination of 
real stunt driving and CGI, and should be an utter delight for anyone who knows 
Paris well: 

Lucy Movie CLIP - Paris (2014) - Scarlett Johansson Action Movie HD

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>Are you sure, it looks a bit violent for sidhas....
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