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Richard, I would say that ebola has been "out of control" since April. However, this fact is only becoming obvious now. Everyone needs to take extreme precautions. And let's see if an ebola case emerges in Cleveland, where the second infected nurse traveled before she was diagnosed.
/So, the Ebola virus is out of control. And now, because of lax prtocols the Ebola is spreading across the U.S. How did that happen? ///Don't we have a CDCl? /Go figure.//
//Apparently President Obama forgot to appoint a new U.S. Surgeon General. Would somebody please tell me who is running this country! Thanks./

'Lax U.S. Guidelines on Ebola Led to Poor Hospital Training, Experts Say'

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CDC keeps saying that ebola is only transmitted via bodily fluids, is not airborne. Ok, everyone, the next time you sneeze, put your hand in front of your mouth. Feel any fluid? Duh! Now imagine that that sneeze occurs in an enclosed space, like an airplane.
/What are you trying to to do, start a panic? Apparently you are suggesting that Ebola is out of control. //The question is: //Can you catch the virus by just sitting on the bus with someone who has Ebola?//Go figure./

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