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"So, now we have it - These two teams - One side of the ring, the Bad Girls Club, [wild applause, flowers tossed] and on the other, the Mother Teresa Triplets [boos, old fruit and shoes thrown]!

Good Evening, we are your announcers, Biff Tanner, and Pete Stone, here for one of the most exciting matches of the season! ...WRESTLEMANIA!...Helloooooo, Fairfield!! [crowd roars, some whistles] The MTT look pretty, well, I'm just gunna say it, pissed-off, for this one - and there's the bell!

Thanks, Biff WHOA, Barry just got body-slammed!! By one of his own crew! He's shaken - Messed that lil' pup UP...

Sure did Pete, sure did - that was a real surprise, MJ really decked him.

/Taken out of context on a new thread, how exactly did MJ "deck" Barry?//How about a little commentary to go along with the story. Thanks./

Sure did Biff, sure did...now for a message from our sponsor, Mega-Boost, and back in a moment!"

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