John, it's not just prayer but repentance. Changing from those *wicked* 
ways.The God of Abraham, Isaac and Joseph prescribed a formula for His people 
to live by. If they strayed, they would lose His favor or protection. We see 
the same as a nation being in tune with dharma with support of nature or 
becoming adharmic and losing the support of nature. This doesn't occure over a 
period of a few years but over generations and we are currently becoming more 
and more adharmic. We no longer, as a nation, think of what we can do for our 
country, but what is our country going to do for *me*. Politicians exploit this 
*me first* mentality at the expense of the whole. Divide and conquer and the 
nation falls apart. 

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I was thinking that there's a similarity to the Maharishi Effect in what Pastor 
Graham is recommending.

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Yeah, maybe if they pray enough they'll
start hopping.  :-D 

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>As Sodom and Gomorrah.  But he has a solution.
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