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turq got it wrong again! Why would I be afraid of ebola? I've been taking my colloidal silver every day. Go figger...
/You're willing to talk about your fears, if any. The problem is that TurqB has shut out most of the people here that want to help him.

So, I don't think anyone here actually hates Barry - that is just his paranoia coming to the surface. I post comments on his obvious cognitive dissonance to try to make him realize what he is saying is counter to his own philosophical position, but I don't mean him any harm - I just want him to wake up to the fact that he is, most of the time, self-contradictory. Everyone knows he believes in Buddhas and karma. Go figure.

People who feel rejected also feel threatened and want to lash out at their perceived enemies. Sometime they can't even tell the difference between those who want to help them and those who want to do them harm. Thanks for trying to help Barry, ///Share/. /

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Have you ever noticed that the TMers on FFL
claim to be better than everyone else,
but that the only things
they seem capable of writing about
are either the things they're AFRAID OF:
ISIS, and
or the people they HATE:
all atheists, and
anyone who disagrees with what they believe?

In a way, it's possible to see this
as a commercial for TM.
I mean, if *most* people's lives
had turned out to be this empty, pathetic,
and endlessly focused on things
they themselves consider negative,
they'd have killed themselves long ago.

But TMers on FFL seem to believe
that living like this
is the very definition of
being better than everyone else.

Low standards
make for high self-esteem,
I guess...

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